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She Said Yes!!!

Sam accepted my proposal for marriage.
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Ok, the cat's out of the bag. She said yes. It was completely unexpected for her (exactly as I wanted it to be) so she was very surprised.

I arranged a photographer for the first night we were cruising out of Miami but the weather was very windy and gloomy so the photographer and I opted to wait till we were in St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. It was set that we met around sunset tonight. There was some weather moving in quickly and it looked like it was going to make for some gloomy shots again. Fortunately, mother nature was on our side. We were able to get a few photos.

(Quick Sidetrack) During the week some of the cruise staff and other guests at our dining table were giving me a hard time about us not being engaged. Most of the cruise staff would always ask us if we were honeymooners, when we said no they made some jokes. Of course Sam ate it all up.

Ok, back on track. The photographer also pretended to give me a hard time while we were walking to take photos. Of course he knew what was up. After a few photos, he situated Sam and I and gestured for me to get on one knee. Sam thought he was joking around. I said a few words to her and once she saw the ring come from my pocket she realized this wasn't a joke. She then said yes when I asked her to marry me (whew). Following that we went around to various points on the ship and took a lot of nice photos. I can't wait to go through them on Friday. The hard part will be having to choose which ones we want.

I thought I would just let you all in on the news. Tomorrow I will be spending a day with my Fiance (it's so weird saying that now) on the beach in St. Maarten. Rum and Punch and white sand, woo hoo!!! Then Friday and Saturday we spend two days at sea. When we get up Sunday morning the ship will likely be docked at the Port of Miami :(. We should get in at a decent hour on Sunday evening, assuming we don't have any travel delays.

Talk to you all when I get back. I will tell you more and post more on my website, along with a bunch of photos.


Edit: Here are more photos: Facebook - No need to register

P.S. Attached is a photo of the ring on Sam's and a photo of my lovely lady showing off her new ring as we leave St. Thomas.

Sam's Ring