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Hot, Damn Hot, Real Hot...

I am reminded of a few lines from Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam...
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A couple of lines that movie that I am reminded of are:
  • "How hot is it out there today?" "It's hot, Damn Hot, Real Hot. So hot I could put food in my shorts and do a little crotch pot cookin'"
  • "Today's weather is going to be hot and shitty with a pissy warm front moving in from the North. Basically, it's going to be hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut."

I know the quotes might not be exact, but they get the point across. Sorry if they offended anyone. If you haven't seen Good Morning Vietnam, it's worth seeing. It is definitely on my reccommended list.

As you may have guessed it's hot here. The last few days it has easily been over 100 degrees while visiting Cole. A few days before I got here it hit 118 degrees. We haven't done a whole lot. The first night I got in, I went out "Pubbing" with some of Cole's friends at one of their favorite hangouts in the city I flew into. The next day he took me to a couple small towns to do some shopping and sight seeing. We came back and I met the family. The next day Cole and I went after some calves for the feed lot and we did a few other odds and ends. Today we did some more work with cattle and I got my first experience with herding sheep. Interesting, to say the least. They are some stubborn animals. It has been pretty interesting seeing how the operations are over here and to see all of the stuff Cole has been telling me about on the phone and in his emails.

We fly to New Zealand on Thursday morning (Wed. Afternoon for most of you) and I am not sure how much internet access we are going to have, especially since hotels like to charge an arm and a leg for it. Will try to keep you posted as much as possible, but cannot make any promises.