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Queenstown, New Zealand

The start of our tour has been great!!!
Category: General
Cole and I started our tour on Friday and we have been having a great time. Our group on the tour bus is a blast, there are 49 of us and we get along well. The first couple of days were more scenic related. We drove through some very beautiful country and we actually stayed on a tour ship on the Milford Sound in New Zealand. That was pretty cool, the crew was good and they had activities like Kyaking swimming in some brisk 59 degree F water. They let us jump off the top level of the ship so that was cool. Yesterday we stopped in Queenstown New Zealand for 3 nights. Cole and I decided to be adrenaline junkies. We signed up for Skydiving, a triple challenge Bungy Jump (3 different locations) jet boat rides, white water river rafting and a huge canyon swing. Last night we jumped off of a bridge and got dunked halfway up our bodies in the river below. Today we went to the Nevis Bungy jump which is ~1000 ft. Quite the rush, that's for sure. I can't get enough now. We were supposed to go Skydiving this morning, but weather decided to not cooperate and it did the samething to us this afternoon when we tried to go again. Maybe we can try it next week when we are in another area of New Zealand. Tomorrow is the Jet boat, river rafting, canyon swing and our final bungy jump off of a ledge. That is about all I have for now. Will try to add more later.